Monday, September 1, 2008

RNC Postponed Because Gustav Causes Bad P/R

The GOP wants you to think they are canceling most of their major activities Monday night because - as John McCain said - it's time to "act as Americans, not Republicans."

But there's something else you won't hear from the GOP or read on CNN: The Republicans have big P/R problems with Gustav. At a time when possible disaster is imminent, the Republican National Convention will be low on the news reporting agenda.

The RNC must be thinking, what a terrible time to grab headlines, we can't compete with a hurricane.

But that's just part of the problem for the McCain campaign. The other part has to do with the candidate himself.

John McCain has a bad P/R image he needs to overcome, because while Katrina ravaged New Orleans in 2005, he chose to eat birthday cake with president Bush.

Now, desperate not to have images of McCain eating cake with Bush as another hurricane hits the Gulf Coast, the RNC has no choice but to tone down the political rhetoric, and to trot McCain out in front of the press with talking points about a selfless "call to action."

So while the Mainstream Media might be slow to pick up on the underlying reasons the RNC has a problem with Gustav, we all know its not just because "America needs us now no matter whether we are Republican or Democrat," it's because - as usual - for the Republican Party everything is about P/R and branding... and right now Mother Nature is raining on both big time.

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