Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fred Thompson "Skewers" Himself

CNN's Political Ticker reported today on Fred Thompson's speech against Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention as a Skewering of Barack Obama.

But being thoroughly wrong on History - even his own - the only person Thompson skewered was himself.

When have facts ever gotten in the way of a republican delivering their talking points?

The Republican Party just loves to invoke history, but they almost never get it right.

Thompson's mistakes one by one:

#1) Old Fred said Democrats are running "the most liberal, most inexperienced nominee ever to run for president."

Freddy boy, you got it all wrong: Barack Obama has exactly the same experience that Abraham Lincoln had when he ran for president, do you think Abe Lincoln was not a good president?

#2) Old Fred said our Democrat-led congress is "the least accomplished and most unpopular congress in our nation's history."

Oh Freddy boy, don't you know that the Democrat-led congress inherited your party's failed track record? The low approval ratings for Congress come as a result of the corruption in the GOP and the awful laws they passed.

Here's a fact for you Freddy boy: the Democratic 110th Congress broke the record for most votes on legislation, with over 1,000 votes in the first year. As a comparison, the Republican-controlled congress (also known as the "do-nothing congress") held a meager 543 votes and sabotaged the new Democratic Majority by leaving 9 of 11 appropriations bills un-passed.

Actually, the fact that Democrats broke records in passing legislation is quite amazing if you factor in the additional problem of obstructionist republicans, who filibustered a record 1 in 6 votes last year!

#3) Fred Thompson made a poor attempt at pandering to social conservatives in the audience by attacking Obama's statement that he is not qualified to determine where life begins and ends.

Well guess what Fred? This isn't a movie, this is reality. You are not just playing a part on an elaborate set. In 1994, you yourself said, "The ultimate decision on abortion should be left with the woman and not the government."

RNC just another acting gig for Mr. Thompson.

Never let the truth stand in the way of good talking points, right Freddy boy?

Speaking in hyperbole is nothing new in politics - but the republican party is scraping the bottom of the barrel this time. I don't know what's worse, the fact this actor thought he was qualified to run for president, or the possibility that he actually believes the lines he's delivering.

Fred must think he's just playing a new acting part, on the set of the Republican National Convention. It makes sense for an actor to deliver these lines, because the GOP has always cared about spin more than reality.

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