Wednesday, September 10, 2008

7 Lobbyists Run McCain's Campaign

The McCain camp can talk all it wants about being a "maverick" or an "agent of change," but in the end, when it comes to the proverbial "facts on the ground," one thing is abundantly clear: John McCain's campaign is run and financed by lobbyists.

I'm glad to see Barack pushing back hard against the lies and swiftboat tactics of the Republicans.  Here's what Obama said recently in Flint, MI:
"John McCain says that he is going to tell all those lobbyists in Washington that their days of running Washington are over, which sounds pretty good until you discover that seven of his top campaign managers and officials are -- guess what? -- former corporate lobbyists,"

CNN picked up on this story by listing the lobbyists running McCain's campaign one-by-one. You might want to make a note of these names, because it will be useful in the days to come.

The top seven lobbyists running John McCain's campaign (link)

One: Campaign manager Rick Davis is a major telecommunications lobbyist.
Two: Senior foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann recently faced scrutiny over his foreign lobbying on behalf of the Republic of Georgia, which has been embroiled in a military conflict with Russia.
Three: Senior adviser Charlie Black was a foreign lobbyist for dictators in Zaire and Angola in the 1980s.
Four: Frank Donatelli, the Republican National Committee's liaison to the McCain campaign, has had clients including Exxon Mobil.
Five: Economic adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer has lobbied for corporate giants like Koch Industries.
Six and Seven: McCain's congressional liaison, John Green,  and national finance Co-chairman Wayne Berman. They both lobbied for Fannie Mae, the troubled mortgage giant.

Whew! That's a lot of lobbyists!

Take note people, these lobbyists take money from oil companies, foreign dictators, and failed wall street giants. 

And John McCain and Sarah Palin want to talk about government waste?  They want to talk about spending problems?

These two are with the party responsible for running our country into bankruptcy.  They are also with the party who has indebted us to foreign governments!

The Republican candidate for president has been selling our country's future to foreign governments, and he has people on his campaign who make money lobbying on behalf of dictators.

If John McCain wants to show America he is the "maverick" he claims, he need to put his money where his mouth is. He can show his goodwill and honesty to the American People, by getting rid of the lobbyists who run his campaign.

It's one thing to say you are "going to" shake things up in Washington, or that you "will bring change," but you can't make those claims and expect people to believe them if you are not practicing them now, Mr. McCain.

I have a challenge for you Senator McCain: Show the American people your word is good. Show us you are not just another greedy politician being run by lobbyists. Show us this by getting rid of the lobbyists who are running your campaign.

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