Thursday, December 3, 2009

Unacceptable: 40% of Democrats Say They Won't Vote Next Year

My fellow Democrats we should be very alarmed at a new report that says forty percent of Democrats "Probably won't vote" next year
Forty percent of self-identified Democratic voters say they are "not likely" or "definitely" won't vote in next year's Congressional elections, according to a little-noticed poll released over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Sure, the Republican Party is in disarray and imploding on itself, but we cannot allow that to make us lazy. In electing Barack Obama, we made a promise that we would stay involved. It was as much about us, as it was about him. Now we have as much responsibility as he does in fixing the problems America is faced with.

We worked so hard over the last 4 years rebuilding our majority and strengthening our moral position in politics, and we cannot afford to let that go at such a critical moment in our history. Our country needs us, Democrats. So get up off your butts, and start spreading the news to your friends and neighbors: We are all depending on you to stay involved, and to help fix our country.

We have huge challenges before us. Goals that will take years to achieve. Like building a green economy to revitalize our industries, or stopping out-of-control health care costs. These goals can't be achieved if we allow Republicans to take back any seats in Congress next year. Do you realize all it takes is ONE more republican senator getting elected, to kill our majority and hamstring the president? One. Think about that.

In addition, there is doubt these goals can be achieved with the fractional majority Democrats currently have in Congress. What we need to be doing now is gearing up for the 2010 elections, inspiring our fellow voters, and making sure that every Democrat gets out and votes in the 2010 Congressional Elections, so we can INCREASE our majority.

We cannot allow this present state of affairs to stand. 40% not voting is unacceptable. It is up to us to make sure this doesn't happen, so let's get out there start waking people up!!


P.S. - a note to Chairman Tim Kaine and the staff at the DNC

It long been known that many Americans only get involved in politics once every 4 years for the presidential elections. But under the leadership of Howard Dean, the Democratic Party was jarred out of this lethargy and inspired to pay more attention. He initiated the 50-State Strategy, the Democracy Bonds project, and his grassroots organization Democracy For America funded and encouraged new candidates for local and national offices in every one of the 50 States. Where is this energy now? Where is Governor Kaine on these important issues? We hear almost nothing from him! What has he done to continue growing and strengthening our party? When we hear that 40% of Democrats probably won't vote next year, we have reason to be VERY concerned. Step up to the plate Mr. Chairman, or get someone else in who will!