Sunday, February 20, 2011

Protests in Wisconsin Going Nationwide

It will be interesting to see how far this spreads - and you can't help but notice the similar question being asked in the middle east (though on a much larger and dramatic scale); but it makes you wonder if our own "silent majority" is being awakened and inspired by events across the middle east.

On the other hand, sometimes it takes a threat Gov. Walker's, to unite the working and middle class. Statistically speaking, liberals outnumber conservatives. Yet it seems ever since the election of '08, liberals have been fragmented and lackadaisical... and in the meantime, the Tea Party captured the attention of the media, for its rambunctious theatrics.

Yet a CBS News poll found that 84% of self-identified tea partiers say their movement reflects the beliefs of most Americans - but overall Americans disagree:only 25% say their beliefs are reflected in the Tea Party, while 36% say they are not.

Somehow, liberals and progressives took off their shoes after the election of Barack Obama - maybe some being misguided and thinking we could just sit back and let the president do all the work.

I have often wondered if Obama and Democrats on some level *need* a strong Republican opposition, for them to become the fighting Dems I love. So far, what I see is working and middle class families outnumbering Tea Partiers 1000 to 1.

Tea partiers, and media outlets take note: *this* is what a true majority looks like.

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