Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dems Get Ready

When the President talked about winning the future, he began the campaign for 2012. And its a good thing. Better to start the campaign now and get as far ahead as we can, because its going to get *ugly*

Notice how none of the mainstream republican­s wants to disavow the crazies on the fringe right? They refuse to call Birthers crazy; they allow their spokespeople to pervert American history.

Why won't they disavow this behavior? Because they plan to make use of these crazies and their slogans during the election.

All those hateful signs you see at TP rallies? That's a preview of some of the ads swiftboate­rs will be airing, and with unlimited corporate money now allowed *anonymous­ly* in the campaign, we are going to see A LOT of those ads...

Sorry to say it, but get ready for a wild ride... its going to be nasty, and they will put *everythin­g* they can into defeating this president.

Its time to start forming our coalition, and time to get the word out: the Recovery Act stopped the recession, and brought down taxes to the lowest point in 50 years.

Democrats have turned the country in a new direction, and have opened the door to a brighter future. All we need to do now is step through that open door into the 21st Century, like the competitive, innovative country we know how to be.

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