Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obama's Plan Would Create 5 Million New Green Energy Jobs

Before helping to fill sandbags in a part of Illinois hit by flooding, Barack Obama travelled to Wayne, Pennsylvania where he layed out his energy and tax plans:
According to his campaign, Obama wants to invest $150 billion over the next 10 years to establish a green energy sector; create a national low-carbon fuel standard to ensure that the fuel is more efficient, and invest in clean energies like solar, wind and biodiesel.

That, according to the campaign, would create up to 5 million new green energy jobs.
Barack Obama's economic plans will also make taxes more fair, so CEO's aren't paying less than working families and seniors.
And on taxes, Obama blasted the McCain campaign for painting him as a tax-and-spend liberal.
Obama said his tax plan would give "every middle-class family a $1,000 tax cut." In addition, his plan aims to eliminate income taxes for seniors who make less than $50,000 a year.
Barack Obama plans to reinvest in America by putting our resources into new green energy industries. In doing so we'll help break our addiction to foreign oil, *and* we'll create millions of new jobs right here in America.

We have an opportunity to become leaders in this new industry. Starting a new green economy in America has the potential to reverse the threat of everything from terrorism to job outsourcing and trade deficits - and if we make this modest start now, we can eventually achieve so much!

And remember, when someone says we are trying to raise taxes, you might consider saying no, we want to make them fair again. CEO's should not pay less taxes than their secretaries. If you love America, you'll agree we must all contribute, not just the working class.

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