Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barack Obama, Father of the Year

As a Democrat who grew up without a father, I usually spend Father's Day giving a second tribute to my mom - who raised me, my two brothers and my sister by herself.

At the same time, being raised in a single parent family, helps me identify with Barack Obama, who was also raised by a single mother.

But throughout my life I have still sought out male role-models and father figures; to learn from, and to rely on when I needed some "fatherly" advice.

It could be teachers, bosses, or friend's fathers. So even as being raised by a single mother gave me the strongest regard for the strength and equality of women, I was still able to find male role models - even of my own father was not one of them.

But this Father's Day is a little different. While walking through my neighborhood, I picked up the current copy of Rolling Out magazine, which gave this tribute to Barack Obama, "Father of the Year":
The junior senator form Illinois is now head of the Democratic house, and thereby shoulders the burdens, responsibilities, and aspirations for the entire political family - And for a large segment of the American populace.

Like a good and competent father, Obama exemplifies leadership and positive paternal attributes by giving Americans a reason to hope and a promise that things will change for the better.

As he continues to traverse the nation, receiving rock-star treatment wherever he goes, Obama has given stern lectures about a wayward government and what he plans to do to turn it around.

He has admonished his contemporaries and adversaries to eschew the politics of divisiveness in place of the spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness. He has implored his fellow citizens to actively participate in the country's campaign to reverse its perilous course. And, as we have seen thus far, the country has responded with unadulterated enthusiasm.
So on this Father's Day I will for the first time in my life give tribute to a father: our Democrat nominee for president Barack Obama, who throughout the tortuous primary never missed a single birthday or parent-teacher conference for his two daughters.

Wish I had a dad like you Barack! But through your example, may we see more good dads in the future. I hope you enjoy this day with your 2 wonderful children.

D. Tree

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