Wednesday, April 9, 2008

President Bush is a coward

President Bush is a coward for sending Gen. Peteraeus to congress.

The president cannot defend his own decisions - so he sends s soldier to deliver a scripted progress report.

A soldier follows orders - and by all indications, Petraeus is a good soldier.

But a good soldier will not offer criticism, nor will a soldier question their mission objective.

Its not the soldier's fault that he had to read from a script, its not the soldier's fault that our progress remains as it was a year ago.

No, it is the fault of the president - who sent these soldiers on a flawed and fatal mission. They will continue to attempt to succeed against great odds, but it's not a failure of our soldiers when they can't complete an impossible mission: it is the fault of their commanders.

And there is one commander who set this all in motion: that is president Bush - the "Commander in Chief" - who hides his decisions behind his "Commanders on the ground."

And who sent a soldier to congress to defend his fatally prideful objective: forcing a country you have bombed to oblivion to become your friend; pointing a gun at religious sects that have been historical enemies and expecting them to get along. Killing over a million civilians and asking their relatives to like you. Folks, that's just not gonna happen.

Iraqis don't want Al Qaeda in Iraq - but as long as we stay in Iraq attracting foreign fighters we are only making it more difficult for real Iraqis to come together.

No one is saying we should recklessly retreat. But the only way to stop the inflow of foreign fighters is by redeploying to the border areas and by asking the Saudis to do more to stop them; and the only way to make Iraqis come to a consensus about how to run their country is by getting out of the way and letting them run their country.

But unfortunately there is another untold story here - a mission objective of the President's that doesn't get talked about enough: his friends at KBR and Halliburton and the billions of tax dollars they have pilfered in this war. They are addicted to our tax dollars and perhaps that is the real reason the president makes us stay: is he using our military as glorified security guards for his rich friends?

Its a depressing thought, but at this point nothing this coward with a fake Texan accent does would surprise me.

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