Thursday, April 3, 2008

Power to the People

Normal people like you and I are taking back our country. We're tired of lobbyists and special interests who think they own our government. The Founders were clear: we shall not be taxed unless we are represented.

Barack Obama's campaign is a shining example of what happens when normal people take on the special interests. Today, it was reported that Obama raised over $40 million from more than 442,000 individual donors.
Barack Obama's campaign announced a March haul of more than $40 million, raised from more than 442,000 donors. There were more than 218,000 first-time donors, and the average contribution level was $96.
Meanwhile, CNN reports the Clinton campaign is staying silent about their fundraising, waiting until the official deadline to post their earnings - two days before the Pennsylvania primary

What is the Clinton campaign afraid of releasing? Clearly, they think this information might hurt them in the Pennsylvania primary. Otherwise, you'd think they want the information out there.

Maybe its because Hillary Clinton accepts so much money from Washington Lobbyists - in fact, Clinton has received more money from the Drug Industry than any of her Senate colleagues, including republicans.

Or maybe it's must that she doesn't have so many individual donors - and relies more on large, corporate donations.

One thing that this election has shown is that ordinary Americans are sick of politics as usual, and when we come together and pool our resources we can compete with the big-money special interests that have dominated Washington for too long!

Bonus information on the highly anticipated Clinton tax returns:
Wolfson also said he expected Clinton's tax returns to be released soon. Clinton pledged on March 25 that she would release her returns within a week.
Note: it has been 8 days. Ahem. We wait.

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