Monday, March 31, 2008

Who says young voter's are not informed (about health care)?

The Topic: Health Care Reform

The Subject: Barack Obama's plan to reform the Health Insurance Industry and to make high-quality and affordable Health Care available to all US Citizens.

The Questions: Which plan has a better chance at passing? Which one works better? Why?

If the answers to these questions matter to you, please click the image below, and listen to young Derrick Ashong's detailed and informed explanation.

(Click the image to watch the video)

This has got to be one of the most detailed and reasonable explanations of why Barack Obama's plan to reform the health insurance industry is the better plan.

When people say it's not possible to change the way we do things in Washington, maybe we should ask ourselves why? Is it because the way Washington works ultimately benefits these people?

Perhaps its because they are beholden to the very special interests they promise to reform? For example, Hillary Clinton and John McCain accept millions of dollars from Washington Lobbyists - in fact, Clinton herself is single largest recipient of Drug Lobby money in the entire Senate.

Barack Obama asks us to think about this: It's not a lack of solutions that prevents positive change in Washington, its a lack of political will.

If that doesn't give you pause about the competing health plans, then it should. Now I'm off to the library to try and get about half as educated as young Derrick.

D. Tree
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