Monday, March 24, 2008

Generations of Spiritual Tradition, Reduced to a Soundbite

Once upon a time in the Democratic Party, we gave our fellow progressives the benefit of the doubt. It seems in this increasingly bitter nomination fight, your fellow dems have become fair game - perhaps to the point of alienating forever, one of our most dedicated voting blocs.

From the New York Times
Some black ministers said that their sermons might address how the reputation of a man many of them revere was reduced to sound bites. They pointed out that sermons in black churches covered a long and circuitous path from crisis to resolution, and it was unfair to judge the entire message on one or two sentences.

"I may not use his exact language," said the Rev. Kenneth L. Samuel, pastor of Victory Church in Stone Mountain, Ga., "but I can tell you that the basic thrust of much of my preaching resonates with Dr. Wright. I don't think I'm necessarily trying to preach people into anger, but I am trying to help people become conscious, become aware, to realize our power to make change in society."
As the angry mob continues to attack and condemn the hardworking and decent people of the United Church of Christ, with the all but explicit call-to-arms of a "Kitchen Sink" strategy, the Democratic Party itself treads a razor's edge.

It is a gamble indeed, to put the importance of one's own career above the good of the Democratic Party, and the traditional voters who have been among our most dedicated supporters.

In the end, I feel it may be one candidate's lack of action in reigning in their more angry and mob-like supporters that will make them lose the nomination.

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