Monday, July 25, 2011

Cut, Cap, Balance, Shows Republican Desperation

Republicans plan to roll out a "new" proposal... the only problem, it's not new. It's basically Cut, Cap, & Balance the do-over. The same principles that were already rejected by the Senate, and the President has said he'll veto.

The fact that Republicans are coming back to the table with this same phony solution actually shows how desperate they are: They are obviously so worried that Obama will be reelected, they have decided to gamble with our credit rating as their only means of achieving political leverage over the President.

Mitch McConnell said it himself: he's not putting country first, but party. He also said their number one objective was to prevent Barack Obama from being reelected.

So here we have our fragile economy teetering on the brink of another recession, and the GOP seems only concerned with how they can manipulatethe situation to further their chances of unseating the president in 2012.

The reason this shows desperatio­n, is that in doing this the GOP is pandering to a very small base that doesn't reflect the values of most Americans. A CBS News poll found that while 84 percent of Tea Partiers believe they represent the views of most Americans, overall Americans disagree: only 24 percent say the Tea Party represents their views, while 36 percent say it does not.

So we have a Congress pandering to a minority of voters, all while holding our economy hostage for no other reason than to please this narrow group of people and to hurt the president. It's risky and desperate because the rest of the country is watching - and may very well lay the blame for worsening economic conditions that result - on the GOP.

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