Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting the Job Done: How Democrats Can Win in November

In the historic American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Democrats enacted the largest investment ever in Green Energy. This investment is pumping billions of dollars into one of the strongest areas of our economy. Shortly after President Obama passed the Recovery Act, China - recognizing the economic potential of a Green Tech Boom - invested a similar amount of money in their own Green Tech sectors.

The Green Tech sector was the last to be hit by the Recession, and the first to recover. Today, new Wind Turbine jobs outnumber new Coal Mining jobs. These are private sector jobs, people. American manufacturing jobs, turning shuttered factories into wind energy, and high-tech battery manufacturers.

These investments will not only revitalize our economy, but will also renew our American manufacturing infrastructure. Its time we started exporting American ingenuity once again, and its Democrats who have led the charge on this issue!

This is the future of our Economy, and Democrats have seen it, and led the way. They have seized this moment and turned our country in the right direction, after years of misguided and out-dated policies.

We have acted boldly in turning the page toward a clean energy future, and a freedom from foreign oil. It might not happen overnight, but a vast majority of the American people believe it *should* happen soon. We cannot turn back now.

But let's be clear: renewing our infrastructure through advancements in Green Tech, means big change for the powerful forces who stand to lose in the new energy economy. Change for the greater good, does not mean everybody always wins. There are entrenched interests who benefit from the way things are, even if our country suffers as a result.

The powerful forces standing in the way of Change have not stood idly by - they see the November campaigns as a business investment, and with the supreme court's recent decision to allow corporations - some of them foreign - to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections, they are doing everything they can to prevent America from turning the page, and changing for the better.

These powerful interests are trying as hard as they can to make people fear the important changes our country needs to make. These are big changes that are having a profound effect on our people from every state, every region. The recent economic collapse has shaken people, shaken their confidence in our economy. The GOP - at the behest of powerful special interests - has taken advantage of people's fears. They seek to divide us, rather than unify us. While Democrats are focused on positive solutions, and have worked hard to turn the page toward a more hopeful future, our opponents have spread fear, anger, and their only solution is to repeal the progress we have already made.

We can't let fear prevent us from getting the job done. We all know it needs to be done, and someone has got to do it. We cannot turn back now. Finish the job, Democrats. Stand proud for the new path we have turned America on. The path that leads to economic prosperity, freedom from foreign oil, and a revitalized American manufacturing infrastructure.

Martin Luther King wrote:
Fear knocked on the door
Faith answered
There was no one there.

Over the last year and a half, Democrats have opened that door. The Republican Party stands in our way, trying to scare the American People from stepping through that door, into a brighter future. Our job as Democrats - from now until November - is to remind America that we opened the door, and to give them faith in the brighter future that awaits. In November, let's unify our country, and take a step through that door into a new century of responsibility and prosperity!

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