Monday, September 28, 2009

Republicans Want "Death Room" Health Care

You know how the Republicans are always talking about "Death Panels" and such?

And they also talk about how no one is denied care in America "Just go to the Emergency Room," they say.

(p.s. don't worry about being bankrupted, or worse - making the taxpayers pickup your bill).

Well, remember that video that make news last year of a woman dying on the waiting room floor and no one even noticed?

Take a look at that and you will see the kind of health care Republicans are promoting. The are promoting Death Rooms.

That's the kind of care they want for America. They don't think we deserve any better than that. They call that "the best in the world."

Republicans actions reveal their own weaknesses: why haven't they come up with a plan of their own? Because the Status Quo *is* their plan. The like Death Room Health Care just fine.

That's just one reason we need a public option. So people don't have to go to the emergency room in the first place.

A public option will save us so much money.

People argue it will hurt the insurance industry too much - but how else do you propose to cut costs?

The Public Option is the best way to save money, and that's the point isn't it? I could care less about insurance execs losing their multi-million dollar bonuses!

And as for those Republicans who prefer Death Rooms and bankruptcy, they are just useless. And passage of a strong health care reform bill will insure their sound DEFEAT in the next elections.

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