Friday, March 27, 2009

What to Do About Do-nothing Republicans

What remains of the Republican Party has been doing a lot of posing before the camera lately.  Merely 2 months into our new president's term and this band of so-called patriots are doing everything they can to prevent our country from recovering from one of the worst disasters of a presidency we've ever seen.  Several of these self-serving servants of the rich have even publicly hoped for the president to fail in leading our country out of this financial crisis.

Clearly, these Republicans are still working for the very same special interests that got us into this mess.  All that tough talk from the GOP about AIG?  Well, how do you think AIG got us into this mess in the first place?  Through the actions of these same self-righteous republican stooges of the rich who are now complaining loudly about spending and "responsibility."

Well, let me tell you something about responsibility Mr. Boehner, Ms. Bachmann, Mr. Jindal, and Mr. Cantor: take it for your own actions over the last few years.  Your cheerleading of Bush & Cheney for trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in the Iraq war; your irresponsible "look the other way" republican philosophy that allowed Wall St. to destroy our economy so you could pad your pockets with Lobbyist money!

I've been away from blogging since the election, and this is my first post since.  Let this serve as an introduction for a new series of posts entitled "Help our Country Move Forward or Get Out of the Way."  Over the next few weeks, when I have time to post I'll be using the opportunity to call out these obstructive and negative republicans who are holding back progress and who are standing in the way of fixing our broken economy.

Thanks for your time,
D. Tree

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