Thursday, August 14, 2008

Firefighters Back Obama, Criticize McCain

In case you missed it this morning, the Firefighters Union endorsement of Barack Obama for president is great news, and a significant challenge to John McCain.

CNN reports today that the Union endorsed Obama because of his support of collective bargaining:
The union chose to back Obama over John McCain because of the presumptive Democratic nominee’s support of collective bargaining, which gives workers the right to jointly work with their employers to negotiate hours, salaries, benefits and overall working conditions, IAFF spokesman Scott Treibitz said.
In the coming days, I believe it won't only be firefighters who come out endorsing Obama, but other first responders as well. Our nation's first responders like EMT's, Firemen, and Police Officers are our nation's most significant protection: In an emergency they arrive first to help, and as we saw in 9/11 they sacrifice life and limb to do so. And yet, with all their fear-mongering about Sept 11th what who really stands up for our first responders?
"On every issue important to fire fighters Senator Obama is and has been in our corner," [IAFF president] Schaitberger said. "We can't overlook Senator McCain's service to our country, but we also can't overlook his poor record on issues critical to the financial security of our 290,000 members."
It is unconscionable the way the Republican Party has treated our first responders, standing in the way of bargaining rights, better health benefits, and other basic necessities. While GOP candidate John McCain likes to talk tough about war and sacrifice, his actions and those of his party have shown us they are hollow words, unsupported by reality.

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