Thursday, July 17, 2008

Does John McCain even understand what MONEY is?

One of the best things about getting my monthly subscription to Rolling Stone, other than the no-holds-barred political journalism, is reading the latest installment of Get Your War On, a brilliant comic strip by David Rees.

So after taking a couple weeks off from PB, I thought I'd start some new posts with a little tidbit from this month's issue of Rolling Stone (sorry, only text posted since this comic is not online yet):
Picture this: 3 office workers sit around a break room table, conversing and having coffee. Here's what they are saying to each other:

Woman 1: Did you see that John and Cindy McCain are carrying more than $200,000 in credit card debt?

Man: Goddamn, I knew they loved the Iraq War, but I didn't realize they were paying for it themselves.

Woman 2: McCain admits he doesn't "understand economics." Do you think it's possible he doesn't even understand what MONEY is?"
To enjoy more of David Rees' insightful humor, please check out his website here, and thanks to all the hard working Democrats out there doing their best to help us win this historic election!

D. Tree

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